NWI Events | Upper U.S. Showband Halloween Costume Party

Upper U.S. Showband is a ten man group that features a six piece horn section and a four piece rhythm section. Performing in their traditional white tuxedos, the band plays everything from big band music to rock and roll...


The brewery, located just off of 109th Street in Crown Point, is the realization of a life-long dream held by the brewery’s co-owners and co-brewers, Dave Hellewege and Phil Logan.

The Brew Review | September

Yup, it’s about that time again - time for another missive from your grizzled beer correspondent, straight from the front line trenches of the local beer scene.

Getting To Know | Mandalyn Benson

Get to know local talent and NAWTY vocalist, Mandalyn Benson.

Jerica Paliga | A Rising Pop Country Star

At a young age, Jerica Paliga knew music was her destiny. She was born with the natural talent to sing, write songs, play instruments, and perform.

Plugged In | Dirt Born

The band was influenced by early 90’s bands such as Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden to name a few.

INKED | Tina Brenda

“Tattooing is an escape for me. It’s work, but it’s work I truly enjoy. I love it. I lose myself in my artwork. I love it when I can create something that means so much for a person. It fulfills me."

Plugged In | Midwest Cartel

Their music is hard rock, bordering on metal and this band rocks hard all the time.

Gastro Bites | Chef Carl Lindskog

In the midst of the resurgence of Historic Downtown Hobart, enters Three Monkey’s Pub Chef Carl Lindskog stage left. The established Chef has created an innovating, upscale twist on a classic pub style menu that is anyth...

Plugged In | Nyte Lyfe Soul Cleaners

The band has a raw, edgy sound that blends with soulful vocals with just enough attitude.