Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Mandalyn: Depends. Apothic Red wine, Coors Light with a lemon, harder would be a Blue Mofo or whiskey to sip on.

Where would be the ultimate venue to perform at?

Mandalyn: Colorado Red Rocks

Do you have any hobbies outside of music that you enjoy?

Mandalyn: NAPS and TACOS! Naps, naps, naps. And when I’m not napping or eating tacos I’m daydreaming about them. I also like to refinish furniture, but seriously naps and tacos are life!

What artist has had the greatest impact on your musical style?

Mandalyn: That’s a tough one. There are so many. I was raised to respect all genres of music so I like to bring them all together and there is just “me” pouring it all out. If I had to choose I would say Beth Hart and Amy Lee. I feel everything and I mean EVERYTHING when they tell a story in a song. Whether they are covering a song or doing one of their own it is passionately told as if they lived it and you know it.

Cubs or White Sox?

Mandalyn: I don’t really care for baseball. I just go to hang out with friends and drink beer! To me that is the best part of the game. I will say the White Sox only because the last time I was at Wrigley Field I got a Chicago Dog and they dared put ketchup and grilled onions on it. I never wanted to jump over a hot dog cart so bad!

Any advice for up and coming local musicians?

Mandalyn: My advice would be don’t be petty towards other locals because we all start off somewhere. Don’t low ball yourself and undercut other bands. Exposure doesn’t pay your rent and for the love of baby Jesus keep your arrogant attitude on stage because once you step off we are all at the same level. Ugh! I can’t stand an arrogant musician. You know who you are!

Favorite local band/performers?

Mandalyn: I don’t have a favorite local band but I have some favorite musicians. Too long of a list and for many different reasons.

Name a band you secretly like that no one would believe it.

Mandalyn: Depeche Mode